Xbox One Dominates Black Friday Sales

According to a survey conducted by shopping market research firm InfoScout, the Xbox One console was the most popular purchase on Black Friday in the consoles department.

While many argued over a less than impressive 1 million sales figure of the console considering it launched in 13 territories, the Xbox One dominated the rankings at major retailers like Walmart and Target.

Microsoft’s next-gen console was the most sold console, raking in a 31 percent share; followed by the Xbox 360 at second place with a 30 percent market share. In comparison both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 stood at third and fourth place respectively, each contributing to 15 percent market share.

The news is surprising because the Xbox One had the highest purchase price of $499 and still came out on top. the Xbox 360 sold for $180 at Target, while a door-buster deal of $99 was offered at Walmart. The latter sold out in mere minutes of the opening. Sony’s PlayStation 3 sold for $149 at Walmart and $199 at Target, while the PlayStation 4 sold for $399 at both retailers.

The Wii U console was offered for $299 at Walmart and $275 at Target chains, and came at fifth place with just a mere 6 percent of total market share. The first Wii console looked lonely at sixth place, putting up for just 1 percent market share while selling for $99 at Walmart and $129 at Target.

Together, the Microsoft consoles had 61 percent of the market, while Sony consoles took for 30 percent. 80 percent of consumers said that they purchased their console as a gift for the holidays and only 10 percent admitted to be opening it up before Christmas.

This survey was conducted by InfoScout off 83,000 shopping receipts from about 3,000 shoppers on Black Friday.