Ryse: Son of Rome Infinite XP Exploit

It has not been a week since the launch of Xbox One launch title: Ryse, and people have already maxed out their characters with all possible upgrades.

Ryse: Son of Rome Infinite XP Exploit

Every game these days gives room to certain Easter Eggs and Exploits; some of which are intentional and intend on enhancing the fun factor of the game.

Speaking of unintentional ones, we have come across an XP exploit in Ryse: Son of Rome which will get your character to maximum possible level within 10 minutes or so.

To gain infinite XP in no time, start playing ‘Trial by Fire’ and set your XP Bonus using the right button on your D-Pad. Keep on progressing through the mission until you get to the area where ships start crashing on the beach.

In order to minimize the time consumption, you need to make sure that you perform as large chain combos as possible. Furthermore, playing this on harder difficulty settings let you reap more XP.

Anyway, once the battle is over, you will be told to get to the tower. Now, instead of running towards the tower, make your character die, and you will find it in the battle again with all gained XP intact.

Keep on doing this process until you have earned your desired amount of XP.

Try this out! And tell us how did it go for you?