Prison Architect Alpha 15 Adds Mod Support, Optimizes Performance

A new Alpha version is out for Prison Architect. In Alpha 15, the developers have tried to optimize gameplay in numerous ways.

Its most important feature is the addition of modding support or, more precisely, the in-game implementation of it.

Users can now simply drop a mod into their folder, which can then be activated by the new Extra panel in the game. Mods can contain a variety of settings, such as graphical improvements, translations or scenarios with specific missions.

Its second improvement is optimization, which can be seen in the Alpha’s sizable developer diary. Memory copying issues have been fixed, which should result in improved gameplay for Windows owners primarily.

Other enhancements have been made to the lighting system, which now works through multithreading. Game speed can also be driven up to 5 times normal speed, as opposed to just twice as fast in previous builds.

Some new gameplay elements are added, such as staff becoming exhausted, just like dogs did in a former update. To overcome this fatigue, it’s possible to build a Staff Room, where employees will rest up.

Financial support is now layered, with grants differing for what type of prisoner is housed. Minimum security is worth $50 per person, while maximum convicts go up to $150.

Contraband should become easier to manage, as it receives a few display options, which categorize them by time and type. Different items will receive their own colors. To complement this, several irrelevant items have been taken out of the contraband lineup, such as a rake or a hose.