Kinect Sports Rivals’ Cancelled Game Types Discussed by Rare

Alright so how did you like to be standing in front of your TV screen arms stretched out to move like you are performing some sort of a yoga that would usually be prescribed to old men? I’m talking about Kinect Sports Rivals where you play courtesy of Kinect’s super smart sensors.

Well, if you have found that a bit odd/ or interesting based on personal liking, there could have been a lot more that you’d be doing If the game had all the plans of Rare seen daylight.

The developer Rare, while talking to OXM, has discussed the numerous game types that they had initially planned for the game.

One of the more intriguing ones was horse riding; picture yourself riding an invisible horse now. The executive producer Danny Isaac says:

“We really focused on what could bring the Kinect sensor alive, and what can put it on that pedestal. Horse-racing and fishing were kind of good, but they didn’t make it. We also had some really cool kayaking prototypes, as well as a Frisbee one, and a table tennis game.”

Well, it would certainly have been interesting if the game had some of those, but rest assured Rare has already added enough to keep you busy with. When the game releases in Spring 2014 it will include Tennis, Bowling, Soccer, Wake Racing, Target Shooting and Climbing.

A pre-season demo is currently available on Xbox One that features Wake Racing. Having tried It out, I must tell you there is a clearly appreciable improvement in the sensors of the new Kinect as compared to the last one.

Know more about it on the Xbox Website.

Have you tried out Kinect Sports Rivals on your Xbox One? Let us know how did you like it in the comments section.