Halo 4 Director Talks about Multiplayer Shortcomings

It is the mark of a good developer to talk to the people who would actually be playing the game that he has made. This gives boost to positive criticism and of course a sense of understanding as to what went wrong and where.

Now looking at how Halo 4 has experienced a drastic decrease in number of players and the troublesome last year, it was just the right thing to do for the developers when the realized that they had to take responsibility for what went wrong.

The Design Developer at 343 Industries took to Twitter admitting the faults that the game development had and how the progression and skills system failed them. He even went on to appreciate suggestions regarding map sizes and more from the fans.

Here’s a roundup for you.

What were the areas that ensured the game was not what it was expected to be? You can add more from your side here, or by visiting Welch’s Twitter profile yourself.