Gala Store Holds Game Sales With Cheap Blood Knights And More

In the continuation of Black Friday or Thanksgiving game deals, Indie Gala has put up several hundred games on sale in their own Gala Store.

This storefront is mainly used as an extension to their past and present bundles, but it does hold a few sharp prices within.

Its best deal, by some margin, is the roleplaying game Blood Knights, which is available at a starting price of $7.24. Since it just released this month, it’s unlikely anyone else will hold such a huge sale on it.

In Blood Knights, you take on hordes of monsters in simple action-oriented combat. Characters can also be switched on the fly, to combine different abilities. For instance, one skill makes use of vampire abilities to drain blood.

This game was released under publisher Kalypso Media’s new Digital First budget label. It strives to bring games with a maximum price of €29.99.

Your second best bet on the Gala Store is Rise of Venice, which also is a recently released Kalypso game, but from their regular brand.

In this title, you’ll manage a trade empire in the Mediterranean seas. You can get this game for a price starting at $13.24, which outperforms the Steam Autumn Sale and other promotions.

A few other titles, such as Kalypso’s Alien Spidey, are also marked a bit lower than their competitors, so browse around for a bit.

Moreover, the Gala Store rewards users for purchasing their bundles and using their platform with Gala Points. These can be used to knock down the price of games even further.