Final Fantasy 13: Lightning Returns DLC Trailer Shows off Costumes

When you are playing Final Fantasy 13: Lightning Returns, costumes of your sexy protagonist will do more than stunning with looks. Lightning’s battling style changes with each of her costume so it is pretty much epitomic for us to understand what each of her costume brings out in her.

A new DLC Trailer has been shared by Square Enix that shed light on the costumes that the first downloadable content pack of the game has brought to Japan. The DLC includes three sets with each one having a different costume, a weapon and a shield at a cost of $4 (400 Yen).

The first set is called the Ultimate Savior Set and brings you Celestial Wear along with Excalibur and Aegis Shield. The second, Love Moogle Style drapes Lightning in a costume that is nearly all moogles which is called the Moogle Queen Wear, a Moogle Stick and Moogle Shield. Lastly, you get the Holy Gar Style with a Cosmocrator Wear, Corcea Mors and Abyss Gate.

Check out the video posted above for exactly how they look on her.

Final Fantasy 13 Lightning Returns struck Japan last week and surprisingly it wasn’t really a downright hit. The game being released in Japan already means you will get to know pretty much everything about the game before it is officially released in our side of the planet come February. So you’ll know what to do with it when it releases.