Developer Neverland Shuttting Down, European Rune Factory Release Uncertain

Bad news for fans of the simulation roleplaying genre, as developer Neverland, who is responsible for the Rune Factory series, has announced its ceasing operations.

Neverland has been producing the Rune Factory franchise since the beginning. Their most recent game was Rune Factory 4, which hit North America last October.

A change in the business environment in recent years was stated as its downfall. Due to that, their performance was not what they wanted and money eventually ran low. Acquiring funding for continuing development was not successful.

As a result, Neverland will halt production today and close down. Processing the necessary actions for bankruptcy will be done soon.

Neverland’s Rune Factory 4 was still in the process of being localized. After its release in North America, it was still scheduled for release in Europe in Spring of 2014.

We reached out to the European branch of publisher Marvelous AQL. Sadly, they are uncertain of the dealings themselves, but they told us that they’ll have more information after the weekend. We’ll keep you updated as soon as possible.

This news includes the previously announced Rune Factory 5 and another unannounced project.

Despite strong sales for their games, it seems that Neverland ran into other issues. Selling a game alone isn’t enough. Rune Factory 4 was their best-selling game in the franchise, after crossing 150,000 sales in Japan. The developer is also known for their work on the Lufia and Shining Force games.