Angry Birds Go! is Heavy on Micro-Transactions, Features a $100 Car

And people foam at the mouth when EA announces micro-transactions for their games.

Angry Birds Go! from Rovio deviates a bit from the usual tower offensive strategy and brings in a colorful display of kart racing. The game was already reported to feature micro-transactions but it surely was a surprise for everyone when they found out that the game actually is big on players paying to get advantages.

Angry Birds Go! is scheduled for release next month but saw to a soft launch today in New Zealand. Pocket Gamer reports that the game pretty much throws every pay-to-win tactic there is to get as much out of players as possible.

Players can collect coins in game to upgrade their cars and achieve a higher CC rating, that in turn unlocks more levels. Unfortunately the standard cars have a limit to the amount of upgrades they can have.

Further more the better cars are locked away and can only be purchased with real money. In fact the best of the lot, the Big Bang Special Edition car, costs $100. Buying the game’s related real-life Hasbro toys, Telepods, can also unlock cars and game modes.

Angry Birds Go! releases for Android next month on the 11th.

Source: Pocket Gamer