Yahtzee Releases Survival Horror Game ‘The Consuming Shadow’, Available for Free

Popular game critic Ben ‘Yahtzee’ Croshaw has released a game of his own. A free download for The Consuming Shadow is now available on his website.

This PC game will mix horror survival elements with management designs in a narrative story about evil beings and mystical items. Players are tasked with finding four runes, spread across the vastness of Mother England, in order to stop an ancient god from erupting at Stonehenge.

Urgency will be added to the model, by only leaving 72 hours in-game to complete all tasks and finish the job. Traveling to each town by car will take time, as well as looking for clues and so on.

By gathering more insight on the events, players will work towards narrowing down hot spots and uncovering runes. Additionally, they’ll need to figure out exactly what god is emerging, because there are three possible options. Choosing the wrong one in the end will still result in failure.

It compares gameplay to a mixture of FTL: Faster than Light, Eternal Darkness and even a board game mechanism from Arkham Horror. Design choices include permanent death, making the world different each time it’s played. You will, however, be able to carry over experience to new games.

Some may recognize the use of a depleting sanity meter from Amnesia: The Dark Descent. For instance, players can receive mysterious texts with disturbing messages inside, jarring their mind. It will be possible to inject drugs to temporarily go to a happier place.

With the Beta release, Yahtzee hopes to collect feedback, so that a full version may contain more content.

Yahtzee is mostly known for his work on Zero Punctuation, which is a show where he reviews games in an often dysphemistic fashion.