Tomorrow, War Thunder Will be Joining Other Available MMOs on PS4

The Russian publisher/developer Gaijin Entertainment’s War Thunder is bound to be released tomorrow. The game is a combat flight simulator that was released as an open beta to Windows in 2012 and Mac in September this year; the PlayStation 4 version of the game is up next.

The publisher had confirmed earlier this month that the game will be released alongside PlayStation 4’s European launch. It is one of the notable titles to have been confirmed to PlayStation 4 and luckily the release date is just upon us.

War Thunder focuses on aerial combat using aircrafts, ships and armor vehicles from roughly a decade before and a decade after the World War 2. To give it a better touch of reality, most of the maps used in the game are based on real life arenas or somehow inspired by them.

Talking about the game’s planes the official website’s FAQ section reads that “players will be free to choose between the military planes of countries such as the USSR, USA, UK, Japan, and Germany. Some planes that represent other nations (Australia, Italy, and others) will be available in tech trees of other countries.”

It was announced in May that War Thunder will be released to PlayStation 4 as a free-to-play game, are you interested in trying it out?