PvZ: Garden Warfare – Producer Explains Xbox Exclusivity

Having invested plenty of hours in both Plants vs Zombies games, it pains me to know that the new Garden Warfare is going to be exclusive to the Xbox brand. As of yet we weren’t told as to why PopCap Games decided on the exclusivity but today the studio’s producer Brian Lindley explained that the deal was “convenient” and only “natural”.

“We have a lot of experience with the Xbox platforms, and our primary development platforms at first were the Xbox 360 and PC,” he told OXM. “And I think as EA’s relationship with Microsoft has grown and improved, it was just a natural migration for us to go from PC and Xbox 360 to Xbox One. And it’s a great piece of hardware, it’s given us the opportunity to make the game look incredible, run at a great frame rate and just visually be really impressive.”

He confirmed that the multiplayer-only third-person shooter set in the same universe will run at 70 FPS on the Xbox One. However, EA has yet to disclose the resolution.

When asked if they initially had plans to bring the game on other platforms as well, Lindley said “We’re not really staffed to just launch on five or six platforms at once, so we really needed to focus on a couple of platforms to start with, and then the relationship with Microsoft has made those choices easier for us.”

PvZ: Garden Warfare is scheduled for release for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One on February 20, 2014.