Marvel Heroes Gets Gambit as a New Character with an Action Packed Trailer

It’s already time for a new Marvel Heroes trailer with yet more characters to be found. After it had added the devilishly tricky Loki as a playable character, Gambit will now also be sign up on the roster.

This Cajun man from the bayous of the South joins up with the X-Men, after rescuing Storm from the Shadow King. His powers allow him to use energy as an explosive tool. He comes equipped with a staff, a set of cards and some boyish good looks about him.

In the clip, we can see how he uses his props as offensive tools. His staff is primarily used to just whack people with in a flurry of hits.

One of his skills involves spouting kinetic energy in an area of effect around him, knocking back enemies. Other abilities will involve his cards, which can be used to reach faraway targets. Ranged attacks also offer a cone of effect, to hit multiple foes at once.

Gambit comes in several looks, like the rest of his companions. It’s possible to go for the newer Marvel comics look, with a fresh, white trench coat or go for the traditional 90s style rogue with balaclava and dark getup.

This addition to the free-to-play multiplayer game on PC was announced earlier this month, together with the 2.0 Asgard update that added a new region. New elements also yielded fresh Legendary Items, a competitive game mode and additional currency.