GTA Online: Leaked Audio Files Reveals Casino Addition, Updates and More

Audio files that were allegedly leaked earlier reveal what possibly could be future DLC for GTA Online. I mention the word ‘possibly’ because Rockstar has yet to even hint on anything remotely. Hence for now take the following as just a rumor.

The leaked audio files contain dialogues from various NPC mission-givers such as Lester, Martin and Gerald. The speech gives us hints on what we can expect from Rockstar in future updates.

Some of the features discussed in the audio files are the addition of pink slip races where players will race their custom cars against other players, opening of a casino with the accompanying gambling tables and rewards, updates to the phone and camera system, and a new dirt track called “Kickstart” arena.

You can listen to the entire file above. Labelled as “mpdlc.awc,” the file was uncovered in the latest GTA V 1.06 “Beach Bum” update.

Rockstar has been pumping out updates non stop to fix its online multiplayer mode which launched on a crude note with various issues and bugs. It’s possible that the developer feels it’s time to release additional online content since the mode is running almost smooth now.

In other news there still has been no mention of either a PC version of GTA V or a next-gen version. While Rockstar has blatantly dismissed rumors surrounding a PlayStation 4 version, the possibility of a next-gen version still remains.