Darkout Launch Trailer Released, Slated for December 4 Release

Survival PC game Darkout has received a release date. It will arrive on the Steam digital distribution platform on December 4, 2013 for $14.99 or the adjusted price of €11.99.

In lieu of the release, Darkout Launch Trailer has also been rolled out that shows off some of the action. Additionally, its opening cinematic gives us an insight at the newly crafted introduction in the game. An ominous spaceship descends upon a planet, where players will need to set up shop and survive hardships.

A pulsing beat then sets a line through the side-scrolling exploration. Players are armed with a flashlight that lets them discover what secrets darkness holds, assisted by colorful lighting effects shining through mining shafts.

To destroy many aggressive creatures, weapons such as sticks or guns will have to do. Character creation is briefly shown in the clip and features a difficulty setting for the game. In a rare turn of events, the game’s originally solely female protagonist will now receive a male counterpart.

New and fierce enemies will spawn in the depths of ancient temples, which can also be seen. Naturally, there will be crafting and building to do in the game as well. This comes with looting and gathering resources, to set up a technological safe haven.

Darkout is a sandbox game with randomly generated levels. It follows a model known from Terraria or its Minecraft 3D counterpart.

Steam accepted the title after a successful Greenlight campaign. It’s but one of several survival titles to be added. Other games include Edge of Space or Starbound.