PlayStation 4 Voice Controls Explained in a Video by Sony

Amidst all the hype that Xbox One’s Kinect voice and gesture controls are creating, Sony wants to shed some light on their own voice controls. A new video has been released by PlayStation Access that teaches you how to use voice controls on PlayStation 4.

Now to start off, when you want to access the PlayStation 4 voice controls it can either be done through the headset that comes with the package or the PlayStation Camera.

That being said, when you want to give a command to Kinect in Xbox One you are supposed to call it by saying “Xbox” followed by the command. In order to make PlayStation 4 listen to your command you use a similar command, you call out “PlayStation.”

Following this with the command for example “Killzone” and then saying “Start” will trigger the game on your screen. The need to say “Start” is additional to what needs to be said on Xbox One.

In case you want to switch a user you say “Login” and the users screen appears where you can switch to whatever user you want using the controller. Saying “Home Screen” while you are inside an app or a game takes you back to the menu.

A cheesy feature will let you take snapshots of the screen by commanding “Take Screenshot” at any point while using the PlayStation 4.

Done with gaming? Say “Power” and it will log you out of the console or turn it off.

Well, the PlayStation voice commands surely are limited as compared to Xbox One’s but Sony has given us hope by saying that they will be adding more functions to it in the future – let’s hope they do.

Which one do you like better? The Xbox One voice commands or PlayStation 4 voice controls?