Twitch User Strips Wife on PS4 Live Stream and Gets Banned

The integration of Twitch TV into the PlayStation 4 allows users to broadcast themselves live at the click of a button. While the PC community is relishing on the streaming platform for years, this is a great initiative by Sony to have the console users become part of that community.

Currently many users are broadcasting their play-throughs, showcasing products, conducting game talk shows, raffling old consoles and etc. However, one individual thought the feature perfect to show his wife in her birthday suit.

According to reports, Twitch user Darckobra started a PS4 Live Stream showing himself and his wife drinking heavily on their sofa. When the wife eventually passed out, the man lifted her shirt to expose her bare breasts.

Naturally the word got out and soon many curious viewers tuned in to the show. About 25 minutes later, the feed went dark and when it returned, the wife was completely naked and still passed out.

The stream was then reported to the administrator, who straight away banned Darckobra.

“We are very vigilant about removing content that breaks the TOS guidelines and depending on the severity of the violation we will either ban or suspend accounts,” said Twitch in a statement. “In addition to our own efforts, the Twitch community is unique in that it likes to flag content they suspect or know is a breach of our TOS.”

“Like any social network from YouTube to Facebook, there will always be a very small minority of users who attempt to circumvent the rules. As such, our advice is to report it right away and our staff will be quick to act on it if they haven’t already. In terms of privacy settings, those are up are to the respective devices.”

This is not the only case reported. Many others have adopted it to ruin the feature by doing ‘odd’ activities that have eventually kept the Twitch moderation team busy.