Steam Reviews: Valve Will Now Allow Users to Review Games on Steam

Valve announced a new Open Beta Feature added to Steam. Dubbed “Steam Review” the feature enables players to read and write reviews of a game which will be shown on the store page.

As an upgraded version of “Recommendation” Steam Reviews will be available for all to read and respond to instead of being restricted to a user’s friends list. Also, Steam Reviews can only be written by Users who have owned and played a game.

Valve noted how Steam Users used ‘Recommendations’ to write short reviews of the game, thus introduced Steam Reviews to give the Users a feature better suited for the purpose.

Although the need to own and have played a game to write a review will keep trolls at bay, it isn’t something that will not be exploited; Users could rate accurate reviews as bad and bad reviews as good. At best, one can attribute Steam Reviews to Amazon’s Product Reviews which are dominated by troll reviews.

Nonetheless, exaggerated reviews are likely to pique the Steam User’s interest and purchase the game out of curiosity. Not sure if i’ll be buying a game with exaggerated reviews but I’m quite interested in reading what the users come with, Amazon Product Reviews are as entertaining as they are misleading.

The Steam Reviews is in Open Beta, check the official page to join in.