Retro Store Funstock Launches Digital Download Site In Beta

British online store Funstock has launched their own download platform with Funstock Digital. A few dozen games are up now, as the storefront goes into Beta.

Funstock Digital will provide the same services as any other online platform, such as Steam, Origin and other third party sites like Green Man Gaming. In fact, Funstock’s layout is a straight lift from the latter.

Anything from the main featured tab to the top selling list is the same as the green version, except this page has purple as their main color. Since it is in Beta, people are encouraged to sign up and send in their feedback.

Signing up now can yield you a few discount codes. Moreover, an Alienware gaming PC will be given to one lucky Beta tester.

Omissions so far include missing descriptions. There’s no way to know what sort of digital code you’ll receive from your purchase, though it may be indicated by the landing page stating where else games are available.

For instance, you’ll see Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag being noted as “available on Steam.” Don’t take it as a certainty though.

Currently, the site also indicates all prices in Pounds Sterling. Make sure to convert prices before thinking you’re getting an amazing deal.

Funstock Digital brings on Mark Garrett, formerly of Gamestation, as its Commercial Director. Feedback emails will be addressed to his name. So far, payments on the site can be done either through Paypal or by credit card.