Nintendo And Southwest Install Super Mario 3D World Kiosks at Airports

Nintendo announced a partnership with public transport provider Southwest Airlines to bring console gaming to travelers. Between now and December 22, the companies will set up kiosks for people to play a bit of Super Mario 3D World, while they wait to board their flight.

This decision was led in by a surprise visit from Mario on flight 1883 from New Orleans to Dallas Love Field. Our plumber hero came in to give in excess of 100 passengers a free Nintendo Wii U bundle with New Super Mario Bros U. You probably wish you were there.

Those who weren’t present on the flight can still find a free kiosk to play in the following United States airports: Dallas Love Field, Chicago (Midway), Denver, Atlanta, Tampa Bay and St. Louis.

Nintendo stresses that up to four players can bond together at one stand. It’s not certain what the ability of random flight passengers is to come together like that.

Nintendo of America executive Scott Moffitt further states:

No one is better than Nintendo and Southwest Airlines at bringing friends, families and fun together.

Again, those are odd terms to employ, seeing as Southwest has some well-known costumer issues. In February of 2010, the airline company made the decision to throw off a person for being too fat, which later turned out to be director Kevin Smith, who took the abuse to social media. It subsequently led Smith to ditch the airline and concentrate a lot of travel through a personally owned bus.

Southwest Airlines will complement the Nintendo promotion by giving away 30 more Wii U consoles to eligible US residents.