Music Streaming App Qello Launches on Playstation 3 Today

A new application for the Playstation 3 is available for download today, with the arrival of Qello on the console’s network. Despite being the device on its way out, PS3 herein leads the way for its brethren, as both the Playstation 4 and PS Vita will receive this app later.

Unlike most TV streaming services, Qello focuses itself on music and its surrounding entertainment. So, not only will users be able to view concerts from acts like Beyoncé or Foo Fighters, but they’ll also have access to a range of documentaries and that for any genre from 1920 to contemporary artists.

There is a free trial available for the app’s All-Access Pass, which grants users unlimited use of the platform, throughout its full library. A trial lasts 15 days, after which you can opt to subscribe to Qello for $4.99 a month. Alternatively, a yearly pass offers a slight discount for $44.99.

Subscribers get additional perks with the use of setlists that can be used to store a customized number of videos. Moreover, some premium content will be held exclusively for those who pay. Special events will also be complimentary for paying members.

There is a free version of the feature available, where it’s possible to check out a preview for a documentary or the first song from any concert. Additionally, Qello TV streams over thirty channels of concert programming back to back.

Previously, Qello was already available for most regular devices like PC, Android and iOS.