Japan to get Highly Discounted 18 Month Xbox Live Gold Cards

We do know how Microsoft doesn’t really have a strong market in Japan for their gaming console, but that doesn’t stop them from trying harder to capture more and more of the audience. In fact that is exactly what they are trying to do with the upcoming 18 month Xbox Live Gold Cards .

Good news for the folks in Japan who albeit the market preferences are still sticking to their Xbox 360s (Xbox One has not released in Japan yet).

Microsoft is launching new 18 month subscription cards for the region that come along with a download code for Fable Heroes. What is news in all this is that they who package is priced at 5,754 Yen, equivalent to $56.

If you compare that with the regular price of a 12 month subscription card that is sold in the United States, you will know it is a pretty lucrative deal for the Japanese. The 12 month card sells for $59.99 in US.

In other words, you will be saving approximately $15 on the game and nearly $36 on the subscription card itself.

Additionally, Japanese market is also being offered Grand Theft Auto 5 subscription cards that come with 14 months Xbox Olive Gold Subscription for a price of 5229 Yen i.e. $51.

How cool is that?

Source: Siliconera