iBuyPower Steam Machine Prototypes Revealed, Have Resemblance with PS4

iBuyPower has today revealed two prototypes of its upcoming Steam Machines, both named “Gordon” and “Freeman” respectively.

The PC manufacturer detailed one of them, which will feature a multicore AMD CPU and an AMD Radeon R9 270 graphics card. The said setup will cost the same price as that of an Xbox One, $499, and is said to be powerful enough to run all Steam titles in full 1080p glory while keeping a steady 60 FPS.

In terms of dimensions, the Steam Machines are going to be larger than a PlayStation 4 but smaller than the Xbox One; hence merging fully with your living room setup. It’s also to be noted that the design itself looks pretty similar to the PlayStation 4.

It’s unsure as to whether the prototype showcased (above) is the “Gordon” or “Freeman” but the customizable light bar encased in the shell is well in lines to what the PlayStation 4 boasts.

The power supply is going to be integrated right inside the case, which will be good news for those who are allergic to power bricks. A 500GB hard drive, an accompanying Steam Controller and support for Wi-Fi/Bluetooth has been confirmed as well.

Both models are said to hit market sometime next year.

CES 2014, which takes place in January, will feature many third-party vendors who all will be featuring their takes on Valve’s Steam Machines. Nvidia and AMD will also be there.

Source: Verge