GTA: San Andreas is Coming To Mobile

It comes as no surprise when Rockstar announced Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for the Mobile Devices, having enjoyed a good response after releasing Grand Theft Auto for the Smart phones.

The last and greatest Grand Theft Auto title for the PS2 will be ported to Smart phones along with upgraded graphics, improved lighting, an enriched color palette, detailed character and vehicle models.

The controls will make use of Context Touch Controls, which disappear when not pressed keeping the screen clutter-free. Like the original, the game will come with control schemes for driving and when on foot.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will support external controls on all release platforms such as the new “Made for iOS” controllers. GTA: San Andreas is based on Carl CJ Johnson and his encounters with corrupt cops, junkies, and street gangs as he struggles to get his old gang back on its feet.

San Andreas is broken into three cities, Los Santos, Las Venturas and San Fierro along with its own desert and mountain range.

Unlike the old and recent Grant Theft Auto titles, San Andreas implemented RPG-elements such as eating too much made CJ fat, which decreased his stamina; working out in the gym increased his stamina as well as melee damage. The game also included the feature of having a girlfriend, and certain NPCs would only go out with CJ if particular stats were present or absent.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas will be available on iOS, Android, Windows Mobile Devices and Kindle this December. Check Rockstar’s Newswire for more information on pricing based on the device.