Double Fine Obtains ‘Costume Quest’ And ‘Stacking’ Rights From Nordic Games

Independent studio Double Fine Productions has finally re-acquired its publishing and distribution rights for their games, ‘Costume Quest’ and ‘Stacking’.

Previously, these rights were in hands of Nordic Games. After a plea from the studio to have everything in-house, it seems the two companies came to an agreement.

With the announcement, Double Fine and Nordic Games also announce that they will team up to bring both titles to retail in the first half of 2014. Since the latter has quite some experience with publishing titles like the Painkiller series and the Gothic franchise, this is an understandable pairing.

Originally, publishing for these two titles was under control of THQ. Upon that company’s demise, Nordic Games took over a whole slew of their titles in an auction selling off numerous properties.

Other notable franchises to change hands then were the Saints Row series that went to Deep Silver and Ubisoft buying South Park: The Stick of Truth.

In Costume Quest, players go on a traditional trick or treat spree on Halloween night. Except here, the monsters are real and characters transform into the outfits they’re wearing, morphing into fierce robots, knights and so on. A prototype from this was released during last year’s Amnesia Fortnight, which was held around for this time period.

Even more outlandish, Stacking is an adventure game that features Russian stacking “matryoshka” dolls. These toys waddle around in a refined, Victorian world, where players must solve puzzles by interacting with these characters. It’s possible to jump into always larger dolls, in order to harness their powers.

Another Double Fine game, Psychonauts, will also be launched through retail again. It has been available on consoles and such before, but since the game dates back to 2005, it could do with a PC retail release for modern times.