Ashes Cricket 2013 Removed From Steam, It was a Disaster

Following a four month delay, Ashes Cricket 2013 was finally released on Steam last week but since then has been removed.

It’s unsure as to whether the game was removed by publisher 505 Games or by Valve. However, seeing as to how the game’s Facebook page has also vanished alongside and that 505 has not made any statement to clarify the matter; it’s pretty obvious that Valve didn’t have a hand in this.

Those who unfortunately did manage to purchase the game were not too pleased. Apparently the four month delay didn’t help the game at all. Ashes Cricket 2013 is a jumbled mess of glitches, bugs, unappealing visuals, crude animations, and least bit interesting.

Videos so far posted online of its gameplay show a horrendous case of choppy camera movement, with crowds that could well be from an early 2000 cricket game.

The issues don’t stop there. Ashes Cricket 2013 has no mouse input, and no means to edit the keyboard controls. Players must randomly strike at keys to figure out which are the right ones. Granted that a cricket game doesn’t necessarily require that many keys to begin with.

Still for a game that took an extra four months for ‘polishing’ purposes, this still looks like an unfinished project.

Players have also reported that the statistics are broken and the AI is sometimes non responsive. Some players have managed to take over 10 runs off a single ball, simply by running between the wickets while the AI figured out how to take hold the ball.

Rumor is that Ashes Cricket 2013 failed console certification and hence has been denied a release. It has to be asked as to why they would then be releasing it for the PC. Surely someone at the studio would have noticed that the game is horrible.