Xbox One TV Integration Facing Problems in PAL Regions due to Frequency Difference

When the Xbox One was released a couple of days ago, it received a largely overwhelming response, more than 1 million units were sold in the first 24 hours. One of the key features that Microsoft had advertised was the Xbox One TV Integration.

The feature is supposed to play an important part in an attempt to bring Xbox One to a more permanent spot in the living rooms of users. Yet the initial feedback received on it so far has been somewhat disappointing.

Typically, an Xbox One works as an HDMI pass through; the set top box is attached to the console through the HDMI port which transfers the data and the console then displays it on the TV screen. You get the option to watch TV in full screen, or within the dashboard or together with other apps using the Snap feature; for instance, play a game and watch TV side by side.

Reports have been received that the TV Integration is usually broken in most of the regions of UK and the rest of Europe. So far it has been identified that the cause of the problem is the introduction of judder with 50Hz content.

In a layman’s language, what is actually happening is that the native frequency of Xbox One is 60Hz but the broadcasting systems of UK and EU relay at 50Hz. When the frame rate conversion takes place it creates stuttering and juddering; especially in quick action scenes.

Users in the US are saved from the trouble thanks to their 60Hz broadcasting systems but the UK and EU users will require a software update from Microsoft if they wish to enjoy the feature to its maximum potential.

Source: HDTVTest