Xbox One Errors, Green Screen Fix, Disc Drive, Kinect and Install Problems

It’s always a sad scenario when you finally get your hands on your favorite console after a long wait but ultimately, you end up receiving some annoying error not letting you get past a certain point.

Problems associated with software/hardware at launch are expected, and unlucky users always have to pay for these unforeseen anomalies.

Same is the case with Xbox One. After its launch, a couple of days back, a handful of users came up reporting some issues associated with both its software and hardware. Luckily, however, some of these issued do have a workaround which can get you on the right track.

Following is a troubleshooting guide for the common issues reported for Xbox One.

#1 Xbox One Error Code 80072xxx/87ddxxxx/8007019x/8019019x
These errors codes are related to network problems. You can do the following to avoid it:

  • First, you need to check your network connection through settings in Xbox One. If everything goes alright, try the update again.
  • The error can also pop-up if due to latency, lose of packets and wireless interface. In that case, you need to check it using a wired connection.
  • If that doesn’t work too, you should power off (hold the xbox one button in front of the console for 5 seconds) your console completely and then start it after 30 seconds. Try updating again and if you still receive the same error, you might need some repairs. To submit a repair, you can visit Xbox Online Service center.

#2 Xbox One Error Code 8b050033: Update not available
Since Xbox One just got launched, there are chances that Xbox Live might be down for some time for maintenance. You will receive this error if the service status is offline. The only solution is that you wait until the services are back online.

#3 Xbox One Errors E101, E100
These errors will pop up if you have tried emergency offline update instead of updating it from Xbox Live.

Offline update is not recommended at all, and you can end up bricking your console. The error E100 can also pop up if your hardware somehow gets damaged during the update.

Most commonly, it’s the hard drive that gets damaged but nothing can be said with certainty. However, you can still contact support for a repair or other possible fixes.

#4 Xbox One Damaged Disc Drive
It’s highly recommended that you don’t place your console vertically as it can easily damage your hard drive.

If you have a damaged hard drive, you can choose to replace it manually, but I won’t recommend it as it will void your warranty. Contacting support for solution might be a hectic way, but it’s a safer method instead of messing things up on your own.

However, if you know what you are doing and are aware of the associated risks, you can use the following video for guidance to replace your hard drive.

#5 Xbox One Error – Your Xbox is almost full
I think the error is self-explanatory. You need to free some space so that the update can download and install. You should go to my games & appsand uninstall anything not required by you.After somespace is free, you should try the update again.

#6 Xbox One Error Code E203
For the time being, we aren’t aware of the reason for this error. So, if you encounter one, you should immediately contact support immediately.

#7 Xbox One Download/Install Problems
If your download or install does not start immediately after executing the command, you should not worry and wait for a couple of minutes (mostly a few moments), and you will see that it has either started or queued.

If you are receiving ‘Installation Stopped’ error multiple times, you should go to store, and start the download from there.

Don’t worry, it won’t start from the beginning rather from the same point as you left last time. If nothing works, I will recommend that you restart your router once and then resume the download/install.

#8 Xbox One Kinect Not Working
It’s recommended that you connect Kinect first before turning on the console. The red bars will indicate that it’s working properly.

If your voice commands are not being recognized, try making yourself identified again through the sensor. You can try disconnecting and reconnecting it if it’s not responsive at all.

To use Kinect Commands effectively, you should just say “Xbox” first and wait for a moment until you receive voice commands pop up or listening icon top right of your screen. You can then issue the second command for any app like “snap” etc.

#9 Xbox One Errors While Loading the Game
If you are getting some error codes while loading games, you should not directly turn off your console. First quit the game and then turn it off. You need to wait at least 30 seconds before you power it up again.

If the error pops up for the specific software and not for others, you should uninstall it and try installing it again.

#10 Xbox One – How to Fix Green Screen of Death
Just like PS4’s blue screen of death, we have green screen of death for Xbox One where the console gets stuck at the starting green screen with the logo. It can be due to any hardware/software conflict. However, there are a few things you can try to fix it:

  • First, try using a LAN cable instead of wifi.
  • You should stay patient and let the console process first. If you force the console to power off while its processing at the start, you may damage your software.
  • If that doesn’t work, you may want to switch your console to the factory update but that’s a risky method and you may end up bricking your console.
  • The safer path is that you contact support for assistance.

I hope these workarounds help you get your Xbox One running.