Soul Sacrifice Added to November’s Instant Game Collection for PS Plus Subscribers

Sony has announced today that Soul Sacrifice will be the final addition to their Instant Games Collection for the month of November.

Once the PlayStation Store is updated tomorrow, all PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to download the role-playing Vita title for free; which regularly costs $35.99.

The game will also include the latest DLC pack released, that features eight new quests and two new boss characters called Dullahan and Behemoth.

PlayStation Plus users will also be able to pick up two Dynasty Warriors titles at a discount: Dynasty Warriors 6 (reg. $19.99) will be on sale for $11.99, while Dynasty Warriors 7 (reg. $29.99) will be available for $19.99.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, which was offered last month, will leave the Instant Game Collection on December 3. This leaves PlayStation Plus subscribers almost a week more to take advantage of the offer and download it for free.

Source: PlayStation Blog