Quantum Break: Remedy to Add Real Time Destruction With Digital Molecular Matter

Since the game was announced back in May at the Xbox One reveal event, everything we see about it gives us positive vibes.

The recently released GIF too depicted a lot of destructive powers that the protagonists would hold in Quantum Break.

A post on Pixelux Entertainment’s website confirmed that Quantum Break will be using their Digital Molecular Matter system to render destructive scenes of the game.

Pixelux Entertainment’s Digital Molecular Matter (DMM) Playback is a “deformation based fracture system that simulates the physical properties of any material, [and] causes it to react in the same way as depicted by reality,” reads the post. In simple words, it gives you a real life destruction and deformation of objects in a scene where they are hit.

The DMM has previously been used in blockbuster films like Avatar, Sucker Punch, Mission Impossible 4, Skyfall, Prometheus, Man of Steel and quite a few others. Remedy Entertainment will be the first developer to use it in the development of a game. The tech team lead at the studio, Mikko Uromo said:

“We have been able to simulate complex scenarios on a scale that hasn’t been possible before and then allow players experience them in real time. Can’t wait to show the world more of what we’re able to do!”

Quantum Break is a time travel focused game that mixes elements of cinematic action sequences in the intense gameplay with a drama that is conventional to television.

So far, Quantum Break has made quite an impressive impression, how do you look at this Xbox One exclusive project?