iOS Game ‘Infinity Blade’ is Free This Week For Black Friday 2013

Developer Chair Entertainment announced that Infinity Blade would be free on the Appstore for Black Friday 2013. This is done in service of Black Friday promotions. Even digital content isn’t safe from stocking dumps, it seems. You’d think they wouldn’t need it, but it’s good news for users.

Compatibility for the roleplaying game (RPG) starts at an iPhone 3GS or iPod Touch 3 with 16GB of space and above. A download will set you back around 600Mb.

Story in Infinity Blade follows a hero who tries to topple the God King, on a journey to the Dark Citadel. On their way, they’ll need to face many Titan opponents, donning fierce armor and holding devastating weapons.

Gameplay follows simple touch controls. With just a few swipes, it’s possible to attack, cast spells and dodge enemies in a third-person view that follows these one-on-one battles. Enemies are hit differently depending on the direction players swipe their fingers across the screen.

Roleplaying elements are added with the possibility to enhance characters through a leveling system. Additionally, new equipment can further differentiate statistics.

Infinity Blade is an iconic title in the mobile gaming world. As Chair Entertainment is part of Epic Games, the RPG makes use of the Unreal Engine 3. Its visual prowess, which borders that off its contemporary games, made it stand out amidst the slew of portable titles. Character models are fully rendered in 3D and hold a ton of detail to reveal armor layers, skin differences and so on.

Upon release, it was the fastest grossing app on iOS, making $1.6 million in just four days, outselling Cut the Rope at the time. It normally retails for $5.99.