Festival of Magic Needs a bit More Love; Kickstarter Campaign Launched

SnowCastle Games announced their plans for developing a Japanese Role Playing Game, Festival of Magic back in March 2012. The developer now believes that they might need some extra love from you in order to bring the game in the market. A kickstarter campaign has been started.

The campaign is currently aiming at an initial target of $250,000 though the developer has stated that they are nearly $900,000 short. The project ends on December 21 and so far nearly $25,000 have been pledged by 665 backers.

Festival of Magic will be a tweaked version of the typical JRPGs involving elements of turn based battles as well as farming and harvesting; “the players must fight and farm their way to glory,” reads the post.

The main characters will include a desert scavenger Amon who is accompanied by Gnart. Both of them prod around Umbra, a world torn between technology and magic. You go on puzzle packed quests along with combat and farming.

SnowCastle Games states that $1 million have already been spent on the development of the game. If the Kickstarter is successful, $50,000 will come from Norwegian Film Fund and the rest $600,000 will have to be collected through pre-orders.

Festival of Magic is currently planned for PC/Mac/Linux and a Wii U version will be released after that. The developer also wishes to release the game on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but that is obviously dependent on the finances.

Are you willing to back the project? Go to the game’s official website and their Kickstarter page to read more about it and maybe pledge some dimes.