EA’s FIFA Manager Series is Over, FIFA Manager 14 is the Last Installment

Looks like the recently released FIFA Manager 14 is going to be the last game in the football management series of games by Electronic Arts, an open letter by the series founder has confirmed.

Gerald Kohler the FIFA Manager Series founder and designer wrote an open letter stating that the developing studio, Bright Future was not really prepared to take the series any further in to the future.

According to him, if they had to keep going with the series it will need a lot of investment and that would not be worth all the output that the game is capable of providing. It is nothing but sad news when you see a 12 year old franchise go down owing to reasons like that.

He clearly mentioned the need of a new engine and/or an online gaming technology which seem essential for the franchise to progress in the future. These needs obviously would have increased the overall finances.

That is not the only reason though; primarily, he cited problems like a niche market that the game is played in England and Germany and stated that strong competition as well as a general trend towards online and mobile gaming were the key factors in the “very tough” call that they have had to make.

The last game in the series, FIFA Manager 14 was released to Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 in October 2013.