Next Car Game’s Kickstarter Campaign Terminated, Developer to Focus on Pre-Orders

Don’t get too alarmed if you were keeping a check on this; the game itself has not been canceled, but BugBear Entertainment’s motorsport title The Next Car Game has been taken off from Kickstarter.

The crowdfunding had been started on November 1 and was supposed to last until December 1. So far nearly 2500 backers had pledged more than $80,000 for the project but evidently that was way below the goal of $350,000.

A statement on the Kickstarter page states that the developer has decided to cancel the funding owing to the obvious reasons of not matching the required funds.

They will now look to fund for the development of Next Car Game through preorders on the website.

“Although our Kickstarter campaign has attracted tremendous enthusiasm, during the last couple of weeks it’s become obvious that we are not going to meet our goal. Because of this we have decided to concentrate on our efforts on the pre-order campaign.”

As a consolation prize and thank you to the supporters, BugBear Entertainment has released a playable technology sneak peak. It is basically a playground that has been used for testing game features like car damage etc. it will have 24 cars and most of the features that have been developed so far. Everyone who preorders can get their hands on it.

The release date information for the full game have not been provided yet though they have stated it will include a number of derby arenas and famous race tracks. An Early Access version has also been mentioned.

Were you one of those who funded for Next Car Game on Kickstarter?