Amazon Germany and eBay Try to Clean up PlayStation 4 Scalpers

It has been a quick money making trick among certain people that they hoard things in bulk when they are available and sell them at higher prices when the stocks run out. Sadly, quite a few have been doing the same with PlayStation 4 consoles.

Scalpers order multiple consoles form retailers and when the time is right for them, they sell off the consoles at higher prices. A number of retailers have decided to crackdown on these buyers in whatever way they can.

Amazon Germany for instance, has implemented a policy that does not let you pre-order more than two PlayStation 4 consoles. In case you do order more, any number of orders after the first two will automatically get canceled.

This might not really put an end to the scalping schemes but it still is an attempt to dock some of their supply.

On the other hand, eBay has implemented a system that does not let you sell more than one console in a week. This is so because when someone has held multiple consoles, he would like to sell them off as soon as there is a stock out or a drop in supplies.

Again, not allowing each account to sell more than one console will not stop scalpers completely but it sure will make it hard for them to cash on them quickly.

Such moneymaking schemes are obviously below the belt and need to be curtailed in whatever way possible, I believe more steps should be taken in order to ensure that such buyers don’t get their hands on the PlayStation 4 in the first place.

We also warn you to not to purchase any units from these PlayStation 4 Scalpers.

Source: DualShockers