Xbox One YouTube App Supports Voice Commands and Gesture Controls

For those yet to explore their newly bought console, know that the official Xbox One YouTube App is available for download from the official Xbox One store.

The app is free-to-download and comes with the support of both voice commands and gesture controls. It acts much like Kinect but with limited voice functionality. Simply say “YouTube” and the relating action, for example “Youtube Search”, and the app will act accordingly. The most basic ones besides that are play, pause, close and fast forward.

Unfortunately the Xbox One SmartGlass keyboard doens’t seem to work with the YouTube app but that may happen in the future with an update.

Users can also use gestures to control their content. Simply “grab the screen to scroll through videos, and use your hand to pick which one you want to watch.”

YouTube on the Xbox One comes without any major limitation. Everything you’d expect from the app is laid out before you. Users have the option of signing in to their personal accounts to manage subscriptions, browse categories and channels, check out trending videos and access 1080p videos.