Xbox One Day One Achievements and Controllers Land on eBay for Sale

Would you be willing to pay extra just to get a ‘Special Achievement’ on your newly bought Xbox One?

Shortly after the launch of the Xbox One console, multiple listings have appeared on eBay for the “Day One” Special Achievement that Microsoft originally announced for only those who pre-ordered the console for launch day.

On eBay you can purchase that achievement for yourself, if you missed out on the launch day, in the form of a download code. Currently it’s available from one buyer at $70; while other offers are around $40 in bidding.

Additionally the Xbox One Day One package also contained a special controller that was in commemoration of the launch. Those controllers are currently being sold at around $180 – $200.

The Xbox One launched yesterday in 13 territories around the world and sold more than 1 million units during its first day. Sony’s PlayStation 4 achieved the same 24-hour sales milestone, though that system is currently only available in North America.