Super Mario 3D World Infinite Lives Exploit – How To Get

Super Mario 3D World is packed with cheats, secrets, and exploits to make your journey even more enjoyable. The game came out of on Friday and by now, insane number of secrets and exploits have been discovered.

The most of them all is the one who lets you run around with as many lives as you want! This exploits works at World 1-2; near the very beginning of the game and lets you have 1,110 lives (which is the maximum possible). And you can always come back to stack some more.

Doing this is pretty easy and only requires a couple of minutes.

How To Get Infinite Lives in Super Mario 3D World
Soon after entering the cave in World 1-2, you will come across a Koopa Troopa right next to a Goomba on a slightly raised platform. Take out the Goomba and destroy the purple blocks underneath Koopa Troopa. Now, jump on to the Koopa Troopa and grab its shell before it crawls back in!

After getting the shell, move to the next area, and you will find three purple blocks. Stand in such a way that your character’s back should be facing the first purple block while facing the wall in front of you.

After positioning yourself, throw the Koopa Troopa’s shell towards the wall and jump. Doing this successfully will make your character jump on to the shell on its own, and you will start stacking up lives.

Note that, once your character has started jumping on to the shell, you do not have to press anything else.