Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Maiamai Locations Guide

One of the several kinds of collectibles in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is called a “Maiamai”. These odd little things look like anemones, and are scattered all across both Hyrule and Lorule.

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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Maiamai Locations

You have to started finding these collectibles in a side-quest, which can be initiated by encountering the Mother Maiamai.

Once Link has access to bombs, he can go to the cave to the right of his house and access it. Inside there you will encounter Mother Maiamai, who will ask you to help find all of her 100 children.

Mother Maiamai will also give Link a map icon that indicates the number of Maiamais left in a given region.

So what’s the reward for this rather demanding side-quest? For every 10 children returned, Mother Maiamai will give you an upgrade for any items you have bought from Ravio. Returning all 100 Maiamais will grant Link a highly upgraded spin attack. Sweet.

Below are the places where you can find all 100 Maiamais in the game:

Hyrule Maiamai Locations


  • Under a stone on the path leading out of Kakariko Village (right).
  • Check the sides of the Fortune Teller’s Tent.
  • Above the Fortune Teller’s Tent is an entrance to the Lost Woods. There is a Maiamai on top of the tree.
  • Go left of Sanctuary and find the Maiamai at the bottom of the pond.
  • Use the Titan Glove on top of the ledge above the entrance of Death Mountain.
  • On the side of the wall, just below the Miner’s House.
  • Found under a small stone near the top right entrance to the Lost Woods.
  • Under some bushes to the left of the entrance to the Lost Woods Proper.

Death Mountain

  • Wall near top right of Death Mountain, near the Treasure Dungeon.
  • Under a small rock near the broke bridge at Rosso’s Ore Mine.
  • On a wall to the left of a ledge outside the Death Mountain Caves.
  • Above the Graveyard, under a small rock.
  • Under a small rock below the stranded man in Death Mountain; you will need to travel through the lava cavern for this).

Santuary/Zora River

  • Check the wall to the left of the Sanctuary.
  • Go through the Lorule Portal to get to the the wall on top of the Graveyard, which has the Maiamai.
  • Check underwater beneath the wooden bridge.
  • On a wall in front of the waterfall, north of the wooden bridge.
  • Check inside the Witch’s Hut.
  • Go south of the Zora Fountain to find a wall with the Maiamai.
  • Check the river south of Zora Fountain, near the top of the waterfall.

Kakariko Village

  • Use the Sand Rod on a patch of dirt behind the Cucco house.
  • Check behind the bushes to the right of Kakariko Village.
  • Check the top of the house with the purple roof, underneath a rock.
  • Check the tree right of the Cucco Minigame
  • Check the south wall during the Rupee Rush Minigame

Hyrule Castle / Link’s House

  • Check behind Link’s House.
  • There is a tree to the left of Link’s House with a Maiamai.
  • Grab the Tornado Rod, and use it on the tiles between the Blacksmith’s House and Hyrule Castle.
  • Use the Tornado Rod left of the Blacksmith’s House.
  • Check the tree left of Hyrule Castle.
  • Check the tree below the Blacksmith’s House, at the back of the forest clearing.
  • Find this on the wall south of the forest clearing.
  • Check the tree north of the Blacksmith’s House.

Desert Palace

  • Use the Sand Rod near the entrance of the Desert Palace
  • Check the top of the Desert, it is under the sand. Use the Sand Rod here.
  • Go to the far eastern part of the desert, and check under the boulder

Swamp Ruins

  • Find it in the pond near the Swamp Ruins
  • Look on top of the statue in the water.
  • Go to the southeast of the swamp. Use the bomb to access a hidden cave. Check in the pool inside the cave

Lake Hyla

  • Check outside the Maiamai Cave.
  • Find it on a tile next to the House of Gales.
  • Go south of the House of Gales and find it underwater
  • Check the east part of the Lake Hyla to find it underwater
  • There is a large boulder underwater on the east part of the lake. Check under it

Eastern Palace

  • Check the far right tree near the entrance of the palace.
  • Check atop a mound to the furthest right east of the palace.
  • Check underwater next to the large bridge
  • Found under the large boulder on a ledge located south of the palace.
  • Find a yellow tree in the Eastern Palace region, it will be on top of it.
  • Check the alcove in the center of the eastern palace area

Lorule Maiamai Locations

Skull Woods

  • Check the left of the house that is near the portal to Hyrule.
  • Go from the leftmost entrance to Skull Woods. Check the grass here.
  • Check in the grass on the top left of Skull Woods.
  • Check the inside wall of the ruined Miner house next to the portal.
  • Check the bushes near the trees south of the Miner’s house.
  • In a dried pond south of the Miner’s house.
  • On a wall right of Thieves Town.
  • Under a boulder on the second left entrance to Skull Woods.

Death Mountain

  • To the left of the Death Mountain portal, under a skull.
  • Check the boulder near the broken bridge.
  • Left of the Treacherous Tower.
  • Check the bottom right area on the Death Mountain.
  • Take the ice elevators left and up to a ledge. Find it under a skull.
  • Check the back of the Ice Cavern entrance.

Thieves Town

  • On a wall left to the Blacksmith’s House.
  • North of the Blacksmith’s House, under a boulder.
  • In a tree near the entrance of Thieves Town, left of Blacksmith’s house.
  • In bushes next to the Bomb Flower.
  • In a ruined building’s wall located in the bottom left of Thieves Town.
  • On the wall in the Lorule Rupee Rush Minigame.
  • Under a skull near the Lorule Derby Minigame.
  • On the wall south of the Lorule Derby Minigame.

Lorule Castle

  • Check under the boulder left of the Vacant House.
  • Check on a wall north of the Vacant House.
  • Check the wall of Lorule’s Castle entrance.
  • Check north of the Vacant House.

Swamp of Evils

  • Check on a wall on the eastern side of the swamp.
  • Check on top of the statue near the bottom right of the swamp.
  • Check the pond on the top left of the swamp (underwater).

Misery Mire

  • Check under the boulder next to the Hyrule portal.
  • On the wall below the Weather Vane in Misery Mire.
  • Check underwater on the left part of Misery Mire.

Palace of Darkness

  • On a ledge near the Hyrule Portal, south of the palace.
  • On the wall near the entrance of the palace.
  • Left of the palace, near the platform with guards.
  • Check south of the Dark Place to find it in a tree.
  • Check the mound closest to the palace.
  • Check the underwater near a waterfall on the far left.
  • Check underwater on the outside of the chasm that separates the river.
  • Check in the grass south of the large waterfall.
  • Find it underwater near the large waterfall.

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