Xbox One System Settings – How To Set Up

Praise the almighty Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The new console generation is upon us and the Xbox One has just been unleashed amongst the unsuspecting masses.

Unlike the PlayStation which, at it’s core, is the same PlayStation we all know and love, Microsoft has done some tweaking to the Xbox One that means that customers will want to fiddle around with the system settings before they really get settled.

To reach the system setting you need to press the ‘Menu’ button on the controller then go to ‘Settings’, and then hit the ‘System’ tile. Here you’ll be able to take a look at and change some of the console’s core behavior.

The first thing you want to do is change the Name of the console. This name identifies your machine and will prevent confusion when there are multiple Xboxes around sharing the same Wi-Fi.

After that, take a short look at the ‘Console Info’ section. This shows the serial number of the machine, console ID, OS version, Xbox Live device ID, copyright information, and more.

Remember to stay away from the ‘Restore Factory Defaults’ button. This will completely wipe your console clean, purging it of all accounts, apps, games and saved games that haven’t been synced to the cloud.

You may eventually want to use this, but if you just got your console you’ll probably be more interested in putting stuff in, not wiping it clean. The location settings allow you to change your language settings.

The location setting itself is quite important too, as it control’s your console’s region, and affects Xbox Stores content. The last thing to take not of is the ‘System Time’ settings. This option is not available for modification when you’re connected to Live, but you can change it when you’re offline.