Xbox One Party System Explained, Improved Matchmaking and More

Steve Dolan, program manager responsible for the multiplayer and achievements experience on Xbox One, has written a guest post on Major Nelson’s blog, explaining just how the Xbox One Party System will work.

While playing, players can visit their friends list to see the game their party is playing. In fact all of your friends’ parties will be visible, making it easier for you to decide on who to join.

Joining of course depends on the status of the party, whether it’s set to invite only or open to all.

The Xbox One’s Smart Match will decide whether you’re a good match to the party, taking into consideration your skill, playing style, etc. If successful you’ll jump directly into the game. If the game is full, you can continue playing other games and the Xbox One will tell you when a slot opens up. Just use the Kinect command “Xbox, join” or use your controller to accept.

Microsoft is calling this ‘Party Scout,’ where you can multitask until you find a slot into a multiplayer game. The console’s snap feature comes really handy here and players can snap on Netflix on the side, for example, and keep themselves busy until a notification tells you that the game is ready.

Source: Major Nelson