Ultra Street Fighter 4 Location Test, All the Changes and Tweaks

The Ultra Street Fighter 4 location test is underway in Japan and there have been reports of changes to the game as well as champions from many sources. The changes are not officially confirmed but it’s quite likely the reports are accurate.

Here are the changes made to the game:

General notes

  • The rules regarding what Red Focus can absorb are currently unknown. It was originally reported that it could only take to hits of focus and the third would result in a counter hit, but this has since been proven wrong.
  • Red Focus takes 2 stocks of meter to use.
  • Red Focus FADC takes four stocks of meter.
  • Level 1 Red Focus does not crumple the opponent.
  • The delayed wake up mechanic apparently works by holding any two buttons of the same strength on hard knockdown only.

Champion Balances


  • Close Hard Punch’s hit box expanded downward.
  • Wheel Kick recovery reduced by 3 frames for each, except Medium which has been reduced by 2 frames.
  • EX Falling Sky upper body invincibility increased from 2 to 3.
  • Far Heavy Kick has 13 frame startup (from 14f).


  • Jaguar Kicks do less damage


  • Can no longer cancel crouch Heavy Kick into Ultra
  • Back Jump Hadouken recovery increased by 2 frames.
  • Can no longer FADC his Heavy Shoryuken except on the first hit.
  • Invincibility on Heavy Shoryuken reduced from 6 frames to 5 frames.


  • Medium Punch Swng Blow now +2 on hit, -3 on block.
  • Last hit of his Ultra 1 can either be Punch or Kick now.
  • Dash Straight now -1 on hit, -1 on block.
  • Light Punch Dash Swing Blow 0 on hit, -2 on block.
  • EX Dash Ground Smash is now -1 on block. (changed from -3)


  • Blanka can FADC after a Blanka Ball now.
  • Crouching MK is now +5 on hit.
  • Heavy Rolling Attack causes knockdown at all distances.
  • Anti-Air U2 has had its startup changed to 7~9f.
  • Close Medium Kick can anti-air during its first 4 frames.
  • Back Step Rolling, when blocked, has 2 additional frames of blockstun.


  • Burst Time has less smoke effect
  • Her Focus Attack is +4 on block.
  • Viper’s moves have increased start up, but better recovery.
  • Her super does 20 more damage.
  • Standing Heavy Punch does 10 more damage.
  • Far Heavy Kick has a smaller hurtbox.
  • Her Medium Kick reaches farther.
  • Light Thunder Knuckle has a better hitbox.
  • She is +4 frames after doing a FADC on a Medium Thunder Knuckle.
  • Heavy Thunder Knuckle has 1 more recovery fram after being canceled.
  • Ultra 2 has 9 frames startup, and possibly no height restriction.


  • Her crouching light kick is now 4f.
  • Reports say she does overall less damage and stun.
  • Cannon Strike does not come out at low height, has longer recovery after landing. Reportedly, almost no normals connect after it.


  • Chun-Li’s jump is 5f less now. Jump is springy and less floaty now, big visual difference.
  • EX Kikoken knocks down.
  • Kikosho has gotten +50 damage.
  • EX Hazanshu is now armour breaking.
  • Kikosho damage is now 380, has full invincibility until the move starts.
  • Her Flip Kick (down-forward LK) now has 10 frames startup instead of 12, and its hitbox has been improved.
  • Spinning Bird Kick hitbox has been improved.


  • Cody’s Crouching Medium Kick (slide) attack is now -2 on block.
  • Crack Kick (Forward Heavy Kick) is now airborne from the first frame.
  • Knife Throw is armor breaking.
  • Regular Zonk Knuckle can be Red Focus cancelled.


  • Now builds meter on all of his taunts, regardless if he’s crouching, or jumping.
  • Gets full hit on his DP FADC Ultra 2 juggle.
  • Dan Kicks have a better hit box and should be connect on crouching characters.

Dee Jay

  • Far Standing Medium Punch start up is 6f (used to be 7f).
  • Crouching Light Kick start up is 4f.
  • Crouching Medium Punch’s hit box has been improved.
  • Crouching Medium Kick’s damage is now 80.
  • Crouching Hard Kick’s hit box has been improved.
  • Air Slasher now does 15 chip damage, instead of 12.
  • Light Kick Dread Kicks (Sobat) are now -3 on block (from -5f).
  • His ultra 1 travels further.
  • Crouching Heavy Punch hit box has been improved.
  • Far Standing Medium Punch can be followed up if it counter hits.
  • Far Medium Kick now hits twice.


  • Standing Hard Punch hitbox improved.
  • Crouching Light Punch hitbox improved.
  • Forward Medium Kick hitbox improved.
  • Crouching Medium Punch startup is 1 frame faster.
  • Light Punch Machine Gun Blow is -1 on block.
  • Short Swing Blow has longer throw invincibility.

E. Honda

  • Close Standing Heavy Punch’s hit box is larger.
  • Far Standing Heavy Punch’s damage is 90 now.
  • Jump Medium Punch’s hittable box reduced
  • Jump Medium Kick’s active frames are larger
  • EX Headbutt leaves him closer to opponent on block. Vega can hit him with a cr.MP now.
  • EX Command Grab is fully invincible.
  • Super has 8 frame start up.
  • Ultra 2 comes out in 1 frame, 1.4 range and it’s a 720 motion now.
  • Far Standing Heavy Kick is now -6 on block, used to be -7.
  • Sumo Splash active frames increased by 1.


  • Ultra 2 (Healing) heals about 45% of her health if used as a single ultra and fully charged. Amount of health healed depends on how long you hold the buttons.
  • QCB+K is an armor breaking move.
  • Has a walk speed similar to Ryu’s.
  • Has strong air to air attacks.
  • Dashes reportedly lacking in effectiveness.
  • Ultra 1 is Brave Dance.
  • Super is Spinning Beat.
  • Her slide is good.
  • Overheads are long and fast. EX Overhead is CRAZY fast.
  • EX Spin Kicks appear to be safe on block.
  • Her footsies are reportedly very strong.
  • Jump is floaty.
  • Ultra 2 (Healing) heals 100 damage when it’s a 50% Ultra in Double Ultra setting (as in, the weakest possible setting for it), but you have enough time to jump towards her and attack when she starts it.

El Fuerte

  • Far Standing Light Punch start up is now 6f.
  • Crouching Light Kick is now 4f.
  • Crouching Medium Punch’s hitbox has been improved.
  • Far Standing Light Kick start up is 3f, not cancellable.
  • Tostada Press active frames increased by 1.
  • Fajita Buster damage increased to 180.
  • Quesadilla Bomb connects from Crouching Medium Kick.
  • Close Standing Heavy Kick start up now 10f.
  • Light and Heavy Kick Guacamole Leg Throw invincibility increased.
  • Normal Quesadilla Bomb start up now 14f, recovery reduced by 4f.
  • EX Quesadilla Bomb now throw invincible.
  • Gordita Sobat recovery reduced by 1f.
  • EX Guacamole Leg Throw downward hitbox increased. Apparently his RSF loop can now be canceled into EX Guacamole Leg Throw and hit.

Evil Ryu

  • Health 950
  • Crouch Heavy Kick start up is 6 frame
  • Can combo into crouch HK now
  • Foward Medium Kick has better downward hitbox
  • Heavy Axe Kick start up is 25f
  • Target Combo can now be done from far standing MP

Fei Long

  • Can no longer standing Light Punch into Tenshin
  • All of his Rekka Kens have been shortened in distance traveled, frame advantage on block may also be nerfed.
  • It says that his Light Kick is now 4 frames. I assume this refers to his Crouching Light Kick, which is currently 3 frames.
  • Crouching Medium Punch damage increased.
  • Tenshin has less recovery.


  • Less pushback on his Hands, both on block and hit.
  • Hands recovery increased by 1 frame.
  • Heavy Kick Waterfall Kick can be quick rised now.
  • EX Waterfall Kick is a hard knockdown.
  • Rolling move better on block.
  • Stun increased from 900 to 950.
  • (Mantis Stance) His Close Standing HP now does 150+50 Stun.
  • (Mantis Stance) Shitenketsu now has a better hitbox, gives 600 Stun.
  • (Crane Stance) Standing Light Punch is +5f.
  • (Crane Stance) Standing Heavy Kick has 5 frames less recovery.
  • (Crane Stance) Jumping Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick both have a larger hurtbox.
  • (Crane Stance) Gekiro (Roll) does 10 more damage with its last hit.
  • (Crane Stance) His Super range is shorter.
  • (Crane Stance) Teiga is now 9f startup.


  • Standing Far Light Kick is now cancellable.
  • Crouching Medium Punch now +3 on hit (was +1).
  • Counter Attack will now longer activate with DF, F, DF motion.
  • Hyakki Gosai (Demon Flip throw) stun reduced from 200 to 160
  • Light Punch Running Palm has slightly expanded hitbox
  • EX Hurricane Kick has expanded hitbox, hits crouching characters now.


  • Ultra 1 is 5f start up now, and can be used as an autocorrect. It also does 450 damage and has 15 frames of invincibility.
  • His hurtbox on wakeup has been reduced.
  • Crouching LP is now +5 on hit.
  • Crouching MK has had both its hitbox and hurtbox increased.
  • His Super seems to have a larger hitbox downward, so as to not whiff on crouching opponents.
  • His air grab reaches farther than before.
  • Flash Kicks have received one additional invincible frame.
  • Ultra 2 does 350 damage.
  • Reverse Spin Kick now has a larger downward hitbox, making it likely that it’ll hit crouching opponents.


  • Guy’s walk speed is faster.
  • Crouching medium punch hitbox has been reduced, and can no longer be used as an anti-air.
  • EX Hurricane Kick has a larger hit box, but start up increased from 4f to 6f.
  • Increased range on second hit of his Ultra 1.
  • Elbow Drop can no longer be ducked under with certain moves.
  • Kamaitachi (Down-Forward Heavy Kick) startup reduced to 9 frames, from 11 frames.
  • Neck Flip (Heavy Kick followup on Run) startup increased to 5 frames from 3, hitbox increased.
  • Elbow Drop downward hitbox increased.
  • Second hit of his Target Combo has had its downward hitbox increased.
  • Sudden Stop has 1 frame less recovery.
  • Heavy Hozanto has 2 frames quicker startup.


  • Without oil, crouch medium punch is special cancellable
  • Easier to cross up with jump Medium Kick
  • Ultra 1 animation is quicker
  • Crouch Heavy Kick is 8F
  • Stand Heavy Punch hitbox improved vertically, possibly viable as an anti air.
  • Oil Rocket reach improved normal is 1.05, EX 1.2
  • Air throw damage is 150 (it used to be 140).
  • Hakan Tackle (forward MP) is now -4 on block (from -5), and 0 on hit (from -2).
  • Crouching Light Kick now has 8 frames of recovery, instead of 9.


  • Is slow overall, and seems to have trouble getting in.
  • Throw range is slightly shorter than Zangief.
  • Ultra start up is fast, might be 1f.
  • Looks to struggle against pressure. Dudley vs. Hugo appears to be in Dudley’s favor.
  • Clap is safe on block. Leads to great corner pressure.
  • Standing Medium Kick is an overhead.
  • Normals are reportedly very slow, but Crouching Light Punch is good.
  • He’s so large, he partially obscures the health bars.


  • Overhead is now +2 on block, has improved vertical hitbox so might possibly hit crouching opponents.
  • Light Punch Kunai (dagger toss) now travels more vertically.
  • All Neckbreaker attacks, except the EX version, cause a soft knockdown on hit.
  • Medium Spin Kicks (Tsumuji) have an extra frame of recovery.
  • Target Combo 4 has improved vertical hitbox.
  • Tsujigoe recovery frames decreased by 6.
  • Tsumuji has an expanded vertical hitbox, allowing them to hit crouching opponents.
  • Kazekiri now has 7 frames of invincibility, instead of 6.


  • Ultra 2 is improved. Hit box expanded forward to make it easier to combo.
  • It’s possible her standing normals can chain/link(?) into her sweep now.
  • Toward + Medium Kick is now airborne from the first frame.
  • Jump Heavy Punch no longer knocks down.
  • Level 2 Focus Attack, Toward Jump Medium Punch into Jump Heavy Punch connects.
  • Far Standing Light Kick is now 4f.
  • Crouching Medium Kick is now 5f.
  • Far Standing Heavy Kick is airborne on the 3f now.
  • Standing Light Punch hitbox has been expanded downward, possibly letting her hit crouching opponents?
  • EX Pinwheel Kick is now invincible up to 7f.
  • Level 2 Focus Attack, backdash, Jump forward HP connects.
  • Far Medium Punch can now be cancelled.
  • Ultra 1 invicibility frames (on activation) reduced, from 1~4f to 1~2f. Duration on Ultra reduced from 900f to 700f.
  • Crouching Light Kick->Crouching Light Kick->Crouching Medium Kick is now possible.


  • Movement speed is faster.
  • Close Standing Medium Kick hitbox expanded downward so it hits crouching characters now.
  • Crouching Hard Kick start up is now 7f.
  • Fireball damage increased by 10.
  • Toward + Hard Kick is -1 on block.
  • Ultra 1 non-cinematic damage increased by 30.
  • Ultra 2 hit box of first hit expanded forward.
  • Forward+Medium Kick and Back+Medium Kick have both gotten +1 more frame of advantage on block.

M. Bison

  • Light Kick Double Knee Press is -1 on guard
  • Far stand Medium Punch start up is 6F, can special cancel
  • Crouch Heavy Punch start up is 10f
  • Scissors LK, MK, HK,EX +10 damage
  • Teleport +5f recovery
  • Headpress startup 22->20f
  • Devil Reverse EX Followup falls faster
  • Ultra 2 damage 450->420
  • Ultra 2 charge 55f -> 40f
  • Light Double Knee Press damage buff 60•30→60•40
  • Medium Double Knee Press damage buff 60•50→60•60
  • Heavy Double Knee Press damage buff 70•60→70•70
  • EX Double Knee Press damage buff 70•70→70•80


  • Can combo into EX Fukiage grounded.
  • Can jump cancel EX Fukiage on block or hit.
  • Ultra 1 damage is 440


  • Can now FADC his DP, but only on the first hit, whether it connects or is blocked.
  • Ultra 2 is now a double half-circle back motion.
  • His Forward Medium Kick now has 11f startup, instead of 13f.
  • His Crouching Heavy Kick is now 8f startup instead of 9f, and has 20f recovery instead of 24f.
  • His Focus Attack has longer range.
  • Heavy Shoryuken now has more invincibility frames.
  • Light Demon Slash now does 110 damage (down from 120), and 130 stun (down from 150).
  • Heavy Demon Slash is now -6f on block, instead of -8f.
  • EX Demon Slash is now -8f on block, instead of -10f.
  • Medium Demon Palm is now -4f on block, instead of -6f, but its first invincibility frame has been removed.
  • Electric Fireball (all versions) now have 2 frames less recovery.
  • Ultra 1 now does 375 damage when not cinematic (up from 350), and now has 9f startup instead of 11f.


  • Has Poison Kiss Ultra. HCBx2+3P
  • Her jump is floaty.
  • FADC combos connect fully into Ultra 1.
  • Her Crouching Medium Kick is long and cancellable, but Rekkas won’t connect from max range after hitting with this.
  • Ultra combo 2 is apparently a counter ultra which activates on opponent’s hit.
  • Has a DP, which juggles after her EX Rekkas.
  • Her Super does not hit Elena when she is crouching.


  • First part of the Patriot Circle seems to be about -2 or -3 on block.
  • Rolento’s Ultra 2 is one of his super moves from the Alpha series, Take no Prisoner, where he throws a line out at the opponent’s feet. It has long reach but is vulnerable to throws.
  • Crouching Medium Kick is similar to Rufus’ in terms of range.
  • Jabs are still powerful, just like in SFxT.


  • Ultra 2 command changed to 3x Kick instead of Punch.
  • All Soul Spiral (drills) do 10 more damage.
  • Light Kick Soul Spiral range increased.
  • Crouching Light Punch +10 damage, now does 30.
  • Crouching Light Kick +10 damage, now does 40.
  • Crouching Medium Punch +10 damage, now does 70.
  • EX Soul Spiral does 200 stun, has 13 invincible frames and is throw invincible.
  • Medium Soul Spark is now 20 frames startup (from 22f), heavy soul spark 27 frame startup (from 29f).
  • Ultra Combo 1 is now 10 frames startup (from 12f).
  • Rose’s Dash is now 20 frames.


  • His forward throw damage has been reduced to 135.
  • Damage changes to his Ultras. Ultra 1 now does 420, while Ultra 2 does 360.
  • Falcon Kick (divekick) now has 1 more frame of recovery.
  • Messiah Kick followups have gotten frame changes. MK followup has 22 frames of recovery (from 19), and HK followup has 19 frames of recovery (from 17).
  • EX Messiah Kick no longer flies above crouching opponents.


  • Crouching Medium Kick xx Hadouken is easier to connect. (As in, walking forward and doing cr. mk will not automatically make a Shoryu come out, but it’s easier to walk forward and now do Crouching Medium Kick into Hadouken.
  • Ultra 2 has 1f more invincibility.


  • Her Jumping Hard Punch has a larger hittable box, which should make it easier to anti air.
  • Light Kick Hurricane Kick is now -1 on block, it was previously 0 on block.
  • EX Hurricane Kick only +2 on block, down from +4 in AE.
  • EX Hurricane Kick is better at hitting crouching opponents.
  • Far Standing Medium Punch has a better hitbox.
  • EX Sakura Otoshi’s timing to further the attack has changed from 14f to 11f.
  • Shinkuu Hadouken no longer hits opponents who are behind Sakura.


  • Second hit of Standing Light Kick is special cancellable.
  • Gets full hit of Ultra 1 under all circumstances, apparently.
  • Tiger Knee makes opponent stand if the first hit connects.
  • EX Tiger Knee is 0 on block now.
  • Ultra 2 will do full damage on airborne targets now.
  • Sagat can no longer trade a Tiger Uppercut into Ultra.


  • Has Dhalsim’s jump back Heavy Punch again.
  • Can no longer cross up jump Heavy Kick.
  • Triangle Jump distance has been reduced.
  • Jump Medium Kick can crossup.
  • Dive Kick hurtbox increased.
  • First hit of Shoryuken cannot be focus canceled now.
  • Shoryuken invincibility changed from 7f to 5f.
  • Ultra 1’s hit box has been expanded vertically.
  • Ultra 2’s recovery changed from 89f to 70f.

T. Hawk

  • Walk speed is faster.
  • Standing Close Medium Punch pushes you back less distance.
  • Crouching Medium Kick is now special, super and focus cancellable.
  • Light Typhoon throw range has been increased from 1.50 to 1.55.
  • Far Standing Heavy Kick has a smaller hurtbox, is now -2 on block instead of -7.
  • Thrust Peak (down-forward Light Punch) command has been changed to back Light Punch.
  • Condor Spire command is now forward-down-forward Kick.
  • Light Tomahawk Buster is now 4 frame startup, instead of 5.
  • EX Tomahawk Buster can be focus cancelled.
  • Raging Slash command has been changed to half-circle back, half-circle back, 3 kicks. Hitbox has been increased.


  • Blocked Cosmic Heel is +2 frame advantage
  • Ultra 2 is now 5f
  • Ultra 1 now has invincibility, number of frames currently unknown
  • EX Scarlet Terror has 4 frames of invincibility.
  • Normal Rolling Crystal Flash is -8f when blocked, can be FADC’d when it hits.
  • EX Rolling Crystal Flash is +4f when blocked.
  • Mask throw command has been changed to 2 punches.


  • Faster walk speed.
  • Shorter start up on Standing Light Kick.
  • Yang cross up MK hit box better.
  • Jumping MK is “like in AE”.


  • Both of his command throws lost .1 in range. EX version is down to 1.2 and regular version is now 1.0.
  • Heavy Dragon Kicks no longer have invincible frames
  • Stand Medium Punch and crouch Medium Punch damage increase by 10


  • Light Punch Banishing Flat is -2 on hit now.
  • EX Banishing Flat knocks down on hit, start up is 16f.
  • Light Punch Spinning Piledriver range reduced from 1.75 down to 1.60.
  • Far Standing MP hurtbox increased.