Fulgore for Killer Instinct Confirmed as the Eighth Character

We had reported earlier, and now we are confirming it. Killer Instinct’s eighth character is actually Fulgore who will be released to the fighting game in March next year.

Earlier this month a post on Penny Arcade had leaked an image from inside the Pin Book that comes with the Pin Ultimate Edition of the game. The page showed where you could pin in characters that you have unlocked and the last one on the list read Fulgore. The image was later censored.

Now, the launch trailer of Microsoft’s self published Xbox One exclusive title Killer Instinct has revealed the pretty famed advanced cyborg Fulgore. He is one of the 11 characters that were included in the original Killer Instinct game that was released way back in 1994. Fulgore is often chimed as an enemy of Jago,a quite loved character in the game.

The trailer doesn’t really focus on Fulgore alone, rather we find out about him towards the end of the trailer where the newly designed character is showcased in a glimpse. It also confirms that we will be able to see him in action in March next year.

Other than this, Spinal, an already confirmed character in the game has been confirmed to come out to play in January. The only character that has been shipped with the game is Jago.

It has also been shared that the free character will be rotated during the first season, though you can access each other character for an additional $4 each (or all for $16) when they are released.