Super Roman Conquest Kickstarter From Star Wars 1313 Staff Hits Its Goal

Despite set-backs, the Super Roman Conquest Kickstarter has hit the goal of its $30K funding, with only moments to go. A post from the Ctrl+Alt+Del (CAD) comic site has been the driving force behind the achievement.

Prior to being picked up by Tim Buckley of CAD in a blog post, Super Roman Conquest fell into trouble, when their largest backer dropped their $5,000 pledge with just 3 days left on the clock and that just inches away from their objective.

Now, the campaign will have room for a few stretch goals, as a turnaround in events. All of these humbly priced tiers for additional content feature ways to reward their art team for their music and visuals.

Super Roman Conquest is a side-scrolling game with simplified pixel graphics, where players command an army set in the classic Latin era. Units can be controlled separately and move from one side to the other, crossing enemies in their path.

It may look simple enough, but there is more depth to the strategy game; quite literally. Battlefields have several fields of depth, where units can shift to at any time. This means that they can fight on a foreground plane or move back to another lane behind it.

Managing armies will require a good look on resources, before dispatching them over a map overview. Moreover, seasonal changes could affect the way the battle goes.

There are two additional projects running with the Kickstarter campaign. First is the Kicking It Forward promotion, which helps other ventures on the site financially. Another is the Ouya’s #FreeTheGames Fund, which doubles the money earned from the campaign, to urge people to bring games to the Android platform.

Developers for Super Roman Conquest are consisted of LucasArts veterans, which have helped on Star Wars games, such as the recent Star Wars 1313 project.

LucasArts fell to the clutches of Disney this year, who closed the studio after 30 years of service.

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