Space Hulk Gets Sword of Halcyon and Defilement of Honour DLC For €4.99 Each

Two new campaigns for the board game adaptation of Space Hulk have appeared at the same time. Each adds a few new gameplay elements of their own and comes with 5 missions. Furthermore, the update unlocks localization options in French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian.

In The Sword of Halcyon, players embark on a vessel that sent a distress signal. Naturally, this means that there are Genestealers on board and thus the Blood Angels will need to clean house, before there’s trouble. In this campaign, Bulkhead Doors will allow Space Marines to completely section off certain parts of the tiled map.

Another campaign called Defilement of Honour will see the Blood Angels board a functional ship, before the Genestealer race takes advantage of the added mobility. Here, the goal is to deny the aliens access to the engine room.

Players will need to be extra cautious in the tight corridors of the game, however, as new Air Ducts allow the aliens to climb inside, where bulky Space Marines can not follow.

Each campaign costs €4.99, which isn’t surprising as the team behind Space Hulk was quite silent about their upcoming releases being free or not. An earlier Messenger of Purgatory campaign was released with no payment needed for its three missions.

It’s not certain whether this costly downloadable content will do well for the game. Despite being a genuine adaptation, Space Hulk was generally disliked for the amount of content it offered, compared to its price. Genres like board games aren’t quite accepted as titles that can cost €27.99, which is the current price for a dozen or so missions and a multiplayer component.

I can guarantee that it’s definitely a claustrophobic experience like you’d expect. Its simplicity is fiendishly challenging, as any one mistake can mean ultimate failure.