PlayStation Black Friday 2013 Deals Cut Prices of PS Vita and PS Plus Subscription

By   /   Nov 22, 2013

Come Black Friday, a week from now, there will be a lot of stuff out on the market for sale. The rest of the market won’t really matter for a hardcore gamer as long as he has enough to keep him busy in terms of gaming. Well, Sony has something in store for you.

A post on the US PlayStation Blog has announced certain interesting deals. On varying days, the ultimate companion device of PlayStation 4 i.e. PlayStation Vita will be up on discounts on five of the largest retailers all across the United States.

Here is a list along with the prices and other details:

  • Best Buy — All PS Vita systems available (from 11/24 to 11/28) — $169.99
  • GameStop — PlayStation Vita 3G/Wi-Fi Bundle (from 11/29 to 12/1) — $179.99
  • Target — All PS Vita systems available (from 11/28 to 11/30) — $179.99
  • Toys R Us — All PS Vita systems available (from 11/28 to 11/29) — $179.99
  • — All PS Vita systems available (from 11/28 to 11/29) — $179.99

Other than this, PlayStation Black Friday 2013 Deals will cut down the PlayStation Plus subscription from its original $49.99 to just $29.99. This means you can purchase a whole year’s subscription for PS Vita, PS3 as well as PS4 at 40 percent discount. Though a statement at the bottom of the offer reads:

“Limit 2 per person, per purchase. Offer valid 11/29/13 only, while supplies last.”

The PlayStation 3 Black Friday Bundle will set you back $199 and get you a 250GB PlayStation 3 along with Batman Arkham Origins and The Last of Us. Lastly, Beyond: Two Souls and The Last of Us will be discounted to $39.99 each along with varying discounts and days across different retailers.

Well, what do you think of the PlayStation Black Friday 2013 Deals? Are these going to be good enough?

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