Killzone Shadow Fall Violence is the Answer Trophy Guide

If you’ve been hunting trophies in Killzone: Shadow Fall, you might’ve come across one called the “New Shadow”. It’s an interest achievement that challenges you to complete the 10th chapter of the game, The Savior, without being spotted at all.

It’s a pretty busy chapter, so if you’ve managed to do that, give yourself a pat on the back, change gears, and read on.

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Killzone Shadow Fall Violence is the Answer?

There’s a completely opposite trophy to the New Shadow one called ‘Violence is the Answer?’. It requires that you actually kill 20 soldiers in The Savior chapter and still complete the mission.

It sounds very easy on paper, because hey, it’s Killzone, but it’s actually very difficult, especially when you step outside into the open.

Inside the building, all’s pretty cool because there are only 5 guards, and they shouldn’t be a problem to kill. However, things get really crazy when you go outside.

You’ll have to turn on terminator mode for yourself, and just shoot your way through everything. The problem is that you’ll have just over three minutes to get this done, so there is no real time to be methodical and tactful in your approach.

You will still have to hit the 2 security panels and take the sniper rifle when you’re outside, so you will not only have to be accurate and ruthless, you will also have to be hasty.

Make sure to scan your enemies (Hold D-pad Right) so you can spot them easily. There will also be turrets here, so you’ll need to be very careful.

Because the area is so hectic and the 20 soldier kill requirement is a bit demanding, you should actually play this on Easy difficulty for a better chance.

Higher difficulties will require you to have a methodical approach, and there’s simply no time at all to do that.