Play Rage on Steam for Free This Weekend

If you have a Steam account, you definitely want to start up the old PC and play Rage. This weekend only, Valve’s platform is offering the id Software game as a free-to-play title, with a 75% discount on the game and its downloadable content (DLC) as well.

If you can’t run through the 15 or so hours of story content in a few days, the game costs just €4.99 and its DLC called The Scorchers is just €1.24.

Rage is the poster child for the post-apocalyptic times, with heavy influences from material like Mad Max. Players embark on a first-person shooter, set completely in monochrome brown or grey tones.

Through caverns and dilapidated buildings put together from scrap, you’ll run into odd gangs of crazy bandits, each with more mohawks than the last.

Seeing as id Software specializes in shooters from its Doom and Quake legacy, these encounters will come with a rain of fire and explosions. As a bonus, you’ll also possess some sort of boomerang that cuts like a knife.

Aside from the shooting action, Rage doubles up as a racing game. Cars also accessible in the overhead world can be used in a series of races with more yet more explosions to boot. As a change of pace, this dual form of action complements each other perfectly.

When it released, Rage suffered some backlash due to technical issues. It’s the first game to use the id Tech 5 engine and as such it had long load times for its otherwise superb textures, which could result in noticeable popup issues. Furthermore, it kind of closed up its world in pinpointed areas, instead of fully opening up.

You can also partake in some cooperative missions, as well as competitive racing online. This deal will end on Monday 1PM Pacific Time.