Xbox One Voice Commands and Kinect Gestures Guide

With the all-new Xbox One and refined Kinect 2.0 close at hand; there are a lot of new things to learn. Especially when it comes down to operating your console using Kinect.

Forgive me for saying this but the Kinect is not appealing physically; just a black box lying on your TV shelf but believe me when I say this; it is fun to operate, responsive, and is packed with a bunch of new stuff.

To make your starting journey with your new Xbox One and Kinect 2.0 more exciting and hassle-free; we have compiled tons of information on how to operate your Xbox One with Kinect.

Without further ado, let’s get straight into it:

Xbox One Kinect Gestures

According to Microsoft, Gestures in the retail version of the console may be somewhat different from what we have explained. When Xbox One launches, we will update the gestures list.

Toggle Full Screen
If you wish to toggle to full screen view from your Home Screen, close your both palms into fists (keeping both hands close to each other) like you are grasping the two edges of a window.

You will be able to see the cursor change at the edges of your window. Now, keeping the fists close, start increasing the distance between the two hands like you are stretching it and you will get to the full screen view.

Toggle Home Screen
While you are in full screen view and wish to return back to your Home Screen. Simply, grasp the diagonal edges of your full screen and bring your fists in the middle of the screen.

Doing this is exactly the opposite of Toggling Full Screen.

Zooming in and out only works in some certain applications like Internet Explorer. In order to do so, close your hand into a fist in front of your screen. Now, move your fist towards the screen to zoom in and pull it back to zoom out of the screen.

In order to select something on your screen, simply pull out your hand and tap into the air for the particular feature.

Scrolling the Menus
You can scroll between different menus by simply closing your hand into a fist and move your hands towards left or right to access different menus.

Xbox One Voice Commands

Along with using your gestures, you can also use your voice to carry out different functions. These commands are used to carry out almost everything that Xbox One has to offer. Below, you will find a list of all the possible Voice Commands that can be used:

System Commands

  • Xbox – Pops-up the menu for further commands
  • Xbox On – Turns on your Xbox One console
  • Xbox Turn Off – Turns off your Xbox One console
  • Xbox Help – Displays help menu
  • Stop Listening – Disable voice commands
  • Xbox Use a Code – Your Kinect will scan your redeeming codes
  • Xbox Show Notifications – Displays on-screen notifications
  • Xbox Sign-in/Sign-out – Sings your in or out of your Xbox Live profile


  • Xbox Record That – Record 30 seconds of gameplay
  • Xbox Start a Party – You will start a party
  • Xbox Volume Up/Down – Controls the volume of Xbox


  • Xbox Bing (Anything you wish for) – Will search for specific items
  • Browse to (Anything website) – It will work only in Internet Explorer and will go to specific website

Media Controls

  • Xbox Forward/Rewind/Skip Forward/Skip Backwards/Play/Pause/Stop – Alters media controllers
  • Xbox Watch TV – Start watching TV
  • Xbox Watch (Any Channel Name) – Watch a particular channel
  • Xbox Show Guide – TV Guide for Xbox One


  • Xbox Go Home – Toggles Home Screen
  • Xbox Go To (Anything) – Starts any activity
  • Xbox Show Menu – Displays the menu
  • Xbox Go Back – Go to previous screen
  • Xbox Snap (Feature) – Snap anything in your screen
  • Xbox Unsnap – Remove snap
  • Xbox Switch – Switch to different features in snap mode
  • Xbox Skype – Call your friends
  • Xbox Answer – Receive a call
  • Xbox Hang Up – End a call
  • Xbox Send a Message – Send a message