Crimson Dragon’s Yukio Futatsugi Wants to Give You Sense of Accomplishment

According to the Director of Crimson Dragon, the game will be getting an update to the difficulty level and price of Crimson Dragon. The decision seems to have come about as a result of player feedback. Also, the game will continue to receive updates after launch via the Cloud.

I want you to feel like you’ve accomplished something each time you master a mission. To be proud of each dragon you’ve worked so hard to evolve to its ultimate form. My challenge as the game director is to find the sweet spot of adhering to my vision for the game while keeping the game from becoming too frustrating.

In the update, they’ve increased the amount of experience that players’ Dragons receive after the completion of a mission.

The cost of several items in the game have also been reduced, making them easier to get. They’ve also tweaked the Casual and Classic difficulty levels so they match their target demographic better.

Crimson Dragon is a spiritual successor of the Panzer Dragoon series of videogames. Developer Yukio Futatsugi was the director of the original games too. It’s a rail shooter game and is supposed to also feature some Kinect gameplay.